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Orijen Cat Food

ORIJEN Orijen cat food is made in Alberta, Canada by an independent family-owned company. Orijen cat food is biologically appropriate, meaning that it contains only fresh, whole foods that cats are naturally evolved to eat. Orijen cat food is very high in proteins, contains little carbohydrates, and no cereals: 85% meat, 15% regional fruit and vegetables, and 0% cereals.

Orijen Cat Food now has new package designs. It is still the same top quality food with proven recipes, just with a new look!
Please note: During the change-over period your order may include both the old and the new package design.

Orijen Cat Food:

Orijen Fit & Trim Dry Cat Food

31.99 55.99 EUR 2
( €17.77 / kg)
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( €10.37 / kg)
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Orijen Cat 6 Fish

33.99 64.99 EUR 2
( €18.88 / kg)
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( €12.04 / kg)
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Orijen Regional Red Cat

36.99 68.99 EUR 2
( €20.55 / kg)
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( €12.78 / kg)
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Orijen Chicken Cat & Kitten

25.99 56.99 EUR 2
( €14.44 / kg)
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( €10.55 / kg)
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Orijen Tundra Dry Cat Food

74.99 74.99 EUR 1
Sold out
( €13.89 / kg)
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Our Most Popular Alternatives to Orijen: If your Orijen product is out of stock

Purizon Adult Dry Cat Food Mixed Trial Pack

10.99 61.99 EUR 2
3 x 400g
individually priced €12.87
Now €10.99
( €9.16 / kg)
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3 x 2.5kg
individually priced €67.47
Now €61.99
( €8.27 / kg)
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Purizon Adult Chicken & Fish

4.29 79.99 EUR 4
( €10.72 / kg)
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( €9.00 / kg)
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( €6.61 / kg)
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Economy Pack: 2 x 6.5kg
individually priced €85.98
Now €79.99
( €6.15 / kg)
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Orijen Cat Food

Nourish as nature intended!

Orijen cat food is made in Alberta, Canada by a family-owned company. Each dish is made using only the finest fresh Canadian ingredients, following an innovative concept in feline nutrition - species-appropriate food. Ensure your cat is eating the fresh, whole foods that it is naturally evolved to eat, with high protein meals containing little carbohydrate and no cereals. In each dish, you will find 75% meat, 25% regional fruit and vegetables and 0% cereals, reflecting the kind of diet your cat could hope to survive on in the wild but tailored to meet the changing needs of the modern cat.

Orijen cat food offers an extensive range of health benefits, thanks to its distinctive profile and ingredient list:

  1. High-Protein from Fresh Meats: cats are not naturally vegetarians; their short digestive tract is much better designed to consume and metabolise a meat-based, protein-rich diet low in carbohydrates. Cats are very effective at utilising protein as a source of energy.

    Purely meat-based food ensures the optimal health and vitality of your cat. Recent nutritional studies have suggested that a higher protein content could also have a positive effect on the kidneys. Connections have been made between kidney disease and the quality of the source of protein, which is why Orijen cat food does not contain any hard to digest proteins that could burden these organs. Orijen cat food contains at least 75% food-quality meat.

  2. No Cereals, Low Content of Carbohydrates: grain is used as a cheap source of caloric energy and protein in cat foods, although our felines are simply not evolved to eat processed cereal grains. Biologically, cats only require a very small amount of carbohydrates. Many veterinarians believe that the use of grains in food is the cause of a host of health problems including obesity, diabetes, and digestive problems.

  3. Healthy Fruits & Vegetables from Canada:

  4. Health-Promoting Botanicals: cats have the instinctive ability to choose to eat grasses and plants that enhance their vitality and well-being. The vitamin and mineral-rich botanicals featured in Orijen cat food are carefully-selected by veterinarians.

  5. Probiotics: get the healthy balance of intestinal flora, support the immune system and boost your immune system
  6. Essential Fatty Acids: to ensure healthy skin and glossy fur

  7. Proteinates: minerals and trace elements in natural, organically bound form for better biological availability

  8. Glucosamine and Chondroitin: aid in protection of the cartilage thus ensuring healthy joints
Orijen dog food provides valuable, complete nutrition to care for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Browse the complete selection of Orijen Cat Food available here at zooplus:

  • Orijen Cat 6 Fish: This delicious dish uses fresh fish as the sole protein source, in the highest quality and offering essential omega fatty acids for radiant skin and glossy fur. Your cat will love this fishy dish, rich in nutrients and high in flavour.
  • Orijen Regional Red Cat: A wholesome kibble made with plenty of fresh bison, wild boar and tender lamb, all enriched with goodness from local ingredients. It takes into account that your cat may eat more regularly and move less than a cat in the wild, so has been adapted to provide premium nutrition without affecting health or waistline.
  • Orijen Chicken Cat & Kitten: As the name suggests, this Orijen dry cat food has been developed to be suitable for kittens as well as adult cats, with plenty of protein and energy to keep your cat active and developing.
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    Supplement an Orijen dry cat food diet with some delicious wet cat food, for flavour and variety that will tantalise your dog’s tastebuds!
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