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Wet Cat Food: Cans & Pouches

Here you'll find a great selection of cat food in cans and pouches. Whatever your cat's age, size, breed and nutritional needs, you'll find our wet cat food selection has everything you need. Alternatively, visit cat food to discover our huge dry product range.
Supermarket-quality wet cat food, good & economical

Wet Cat Food

Your cat's a real carnivore. Give it the very best in meaty goodness with zooplus' mouthwatering range of wet food for cats.

The best wet cat foods

Wet cat food is ideal for many cat owners and can act as a great way of offering variety and essential hydration for your cats diet. Most of the wet food on offer can act as complete meals, but you can also mix them up with a dry kibble for the ultimate texture sensation. We've picked out our favourite wet cat food brands for happy cats:

  • Felix: A favourite among cats everywhere: Felix offers a huge variety of flavours to keep your cat purring away!
  • Applaws: This all natural food has a 75% meat content- meow! The meat is ethically sourced with organic fed, hormone-free chickens and fish caught using dolphin friendly methods.
  • Royal Canin: Another firm customer favourite, Royal Canin is perfectly balanced to meet your cats needs. Whatever life phase or characteristic your cat is, from senior 12+ to cats needing hariball care, Royal Canin has it all!
  • Gourmet: Even the fussiest of cats can't say no to the arfully arranged choice ingredients in the Gourmet range.
  • Almo Nature: The perfect mix of taste and nutritious goodness, Almo Nature has no articfical preservatives: opting instead for a deliciously varied range of natural ingredients that even cats with sensitive stomachs can enjoy.

Don't forget!

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And make sure to check which cat foods are on special offer for even more savings!